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INFO: (ICC) Trade Standards for International Transactions

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… what is ICC ?

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) was established in Paris in 1919. Currently, ICC is the world’s largest trade organization with over 6.5 million members – companies and associations – and a network of 3,000 experts in over 130 countries. ICC promotes international trade and investment, shapes patterns of responsible condemnation in business and a global approach to legal regulations by promoting policy advocacy, creating rules and regulations, and providing world-renowned dispute resolution services.


Basic information and standards necessary for international trade.

A useful set of standards, tools and information used in international trade


  INFO: ICC Incoterms® 2020

  INFO: Loading of Pallets and Containers

  INFO: Grain Freight and Ship Bulk Loading

  INFO: NCNDA & IMFPA – Original ICC Draft to be filled

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