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We present only commercial offers selected and authorized by us. Most of our offers cannot be published due to the confidentiality clause and the delicate matter of each individual project, these features are particularly desirable for our customers and this is what makes us stand out. As a standard, we deal with project verification and authorization, profitability calculation, business plan, project search and investment opportunities, and at the additional request of investors in the technical area of ​​Due Diligence. Our extensive portfolio of projects includes commercial projects in various industries, including: building plots for business functions as well as facilities or organized enterprises such as office buildings, logistics centers, housing projects, supermarkets, we specialize in hotel facilities in city centers and prestigious locations. We operate in organizing the purchase and sale of a company without borders through our authorized partners. If you want to invest or sell your business, please contact us!

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Each offer (including all information) requires verification, acceptance assessment in this borderless world, especially if it is business information on the basis of which we make important decisions. Wherever you are, we do it for you, professionally and efficiently !
Company Verification
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Offers & Project Verification
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Authorization of your business
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Global Business Partner
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Cooperation in international trade !

Commercial activity for initiating and organizing intercontinental partnerships mainly between Europe, the Middle East and North Africa in the B2B sector and mass trade. We organize companies of suppliers and recipients in the field of import and export, we offer trade in goods in minimum container quantities, both from European countries to the Middle East, to Africa, as well as the distribution of goods including raw materials, products and semi-finished products in Europe and Central Asia.
  • Bulk goods export from East Asia and Europe
  • Bulk imports from the Middle East, Africa and Europe
  • Organization of product and service distribution in the Middle East, Africa and Europe
  • Outsourcing of "Product Manager" services in the Middle East, Africa and Europe

For us the effect counts, cooperate with us ! Program "Go To Global Business" !

Promote yourself and your business globally !

The guiding idea is the European "Go To Global Business" Program.
The program is mainly intended for authorized companies and verified offers of Clients, Partners, Companies, Persons and Institutions operating on the international market, as well as Entrepreneurs seeking cooperation, business partners, markets, purchase of products, raw materials or customers from other countries, continents and regions of the world.
We provide a presentation of the company, its achievements, departments, branches and their representatives, and a presentation of the offer of products sold. International ratings, comments, opinions. Notifications of companies interested in cooperation, proposals of contractors and potential Partners.
The goal of the program is business integration of verified Partners and Users, multi-channel presentation, advertising, marketing, promotion and effective product support for small and medium business on a global scale.

We build your presence on the global market ! Global Business Partner !

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The partnership program has played a key role in our development: from developing a strategy to actual implementation, effectively coping with the challenges presented and helping us and our partners achieve maximum potential by engaging them in our global management and development strategy. In short, it's simply great to work with our partners.
As a Project Manager, we deal with project management, calculation of profitability, preparation of documentation, presentations, offers for investors, etc.
After signing the partnership agreement, each affiliate obtains access to the database of our authorized projects & projects of our partners, can offer its clients own or joint projects and services on the local market and get contacts with potential clients from around the world.

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