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The Glob Agency is an organization founded by professionals that have over 30 years of combined experience in business consulting, international trade, investment projects, global project management, and investment trusteeship. We represent the company “Glob Agency” Ltd with its registered office in London in England and the company “Glob Agency” Sp. z o. o. with headquarters in Gdansk Poland, which were established as Special Purpose Vehicles to carry out current business projects. As a company, we are also insured against the civil liability of a real estate broker. Insurance policy No. 1026626563
Partnership Globally !
Who we are ? – We are a group of Partners operating on the market as company “Project Consulting S.A. and other related companies and for more than 30 years we have been implementing various Global Projects as a joint-stock company on its own with practical experience since the early 90’s. We are the authors or co-authors of tens of individual projects in the field of international trade, investments, implementation and distribution projects. For many years, we have been consistently building our position on the European and international market, we cooperate with many companies both in Europe and on other continents and countries. The acquired potential and practice in various projects gives us the opportunity to offer our clients and partners modern and very high quality services, authorized projects and products.

Partnership Globally !

The Glob Agency is a new and innovative alternative for businesses. It is a revolutionary global business vehicle that connects partners, equip, teach, inform, mentor, and guide small business enterprises worldwide to achieve long-term success in local and global markets honorably and ethically. A premier online networking membership organization helping companies connect to other companies and explore new opportunities in constantly changing local, national and international markets. This is accomplished trough comprehensive programs, business referrals and information enabling companies to connect with new clients, build long term relationships, run ethical profitable enterprises, and stay ahead of the competition. Thanks to the commitment of our many years of experienced partners, experienced advisers and experts who are happy to provide professional advice, cooperation with us becomes pure pleasure and profit, to whom we invite.
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