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The Glob Agency is a partner organization made up of experienced professionals who have many years of experience in business consulting, international trade, investment projects, global project management, and financing and investment trusteeship.

What we do ?

Glob Agency Ltd, as an agency, deals with global agency in the purchase / sale of projects, mass-market goods and services in the B2B sector as a broker, on behalf and for the benefit of the client. The main directions are the purchase / sale of commercial real estate, organized enterprises, organization, consulting and analysis of results, as well as global promotion of projects, goods and services authorized by us.

Who we are ?

We are a group of partners and practitioners with business experience since the beginning of the 90s. We once operated on the market under the title “Project Consulting” S.A., and other cooperating Related Companies and Partners. We represent the company “Glob Agency” Ltd based in Gdansk, which was created as a group of special purpose partners for the implementation of current business projects. We are the authors or co-authors of dozens of individual projects in the field of international trade, investments, We have been consistently building our position on the European and international market, cooperating with many people, companies, investors both in Europe and on other continents. The obtained potential and practice in various projects gives us the opportunity to offer our clients and partners of modern and very high quality services.

Why is it worth ?

“Glob Agency” is a new and innovative alternative to the global development of its own business. Our “Affiliate Program” is a proven global business instrument that connects experienced international partners, is addressed to smaller enterprises or project authors who want to develop dynamically and globally in an efficient and professional manner. A prestigious, Partner, Verified and Authorized member organization, initiates, supports and helps Companies / Partners connect with other Companies / Partners with their own already developed market, experience and creates new business opportunities. The comprehensive program worked thanks to business commands, information enabling establishing contacts with the help of Authorized Partners, Companies, Offers with new Partners or Clients. It is building long-term partnerships and sustained profitable ventures.

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If you are interested in using our services, purchasing a company, land for projects, organizing projects, purchasing products, distributing, obtaining advice, additional information, discussing a concept or a specific project, please contact our representatives.
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INFO: (ICC) Standards in International Transactions
A useful collection of tools and information used in international trade

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Our ideas and core values

We organize and implement commercial projects with the guiding idea behind the European Go To Global Business Program. The program is mainly intended for authorized companies and verified offers of clients, partners, companies, individuals and institutions operating on the international market. We invite entrepreneurs looking for cooperation, business partners, sales markets, purchase of products, raw materials, or customers from other countries, continents and regions of the world. The goal of the program is business integration of verified Partners and Users, effective and professional execution of transactions, and supporting small and medium-sized business on a global scale.

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