FOR SALE: Industrial Land in the “Logistic Center” & “Shopping Park”, Total Area: 9,3159 ha/ Gdansk – Kowale / Poland
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Subject: Sales of building land Total: 9,3159 ha ( 23 491 m2 / 2,3491 ha ), and the adjacent 6,9568 ha / Gdansk – Kowale / Poland

Located off the bypass of TriCity (Gdansk – Sopot – Gdynia)
Provincial road No. 221 in direction: Gdansk -> Kolbudy -> Koscierzyna
In the streets near the roundabout Staropolska / Ordynacka
The area marked in the Development Plan, as P / U (Production / Services) and in the basic conditions:
– 70% = The maximum building area in relation to the size of the plot
– 10% = minimum percentage of biologically active
– 12m = Maximum building height – minimum: not determined,

Installation conditions in the area development plan

P/U –
area of building production and service buildings
1) All economic activity in the field of services, manufacturing, warehouses, bases and warehouses, with the exception of:
a. plants with increased risk or a high risk of a serious industrial accident,
b. education services,
c. health services,
d. hospitals and nursing homes public,
e. trade services with a sales area of more than 2 000 m2 each,,
2) housing integrally related to business activity.

Google ONLINE map with investment area in Gdansk – KOWALE


Geo Map – Location and terrain conditions


Planned Metropolitan Bypass of Tricity in Kowale

(Arrow represents the locations of the Logistics Center)
Planned Metropolitan Bypass of Tricity

Diamond knot in Gdansk – Kowale, the first such in Poland


Diamond knot in Kowalach, the first such in Poland

Daylight saw the concept of expanding the Kowale junction on the Tri-City Ring Road. If the intersection becomes like this, it will be an absolute novelty for drivers. The rise of the so-called. A diamond knot in which drivers will be able to feel part of a country with left-hand traffic.

There are ready preliminary assumptions for the concept of expansion of the Kowale junction, which connects the Tri-City bypass with the provincial road leading to Kolbud and further.
The investment mainly involves the widening of the bypass from two to three lanes in both directions and the addition of additional parallel roads along the ring road.
The two roads (two lanes in each direction) will be widened running on the bypass road, being an extension of Gdańsk street. Świętokrzyska and ul. Staropolski on the blacksmiths.
The most important consideration is the reconstruction of the knot. This is an unprecedented arrangement on Polish roads, so called. diamond.
The point is that on a 200-meter stretch, extended to two carriageways, cars will pass on opposite sides than on a daily basis. Looking towards Kaszuby, the road towards Kolbud runs to the left (south), and the road to Gdańsk – on the right (north).
Over all is to watch the signal.
Where does the idea of ​​such a solution, rare not only in Poland but also in the world?
Traffic engineers believe that diamond knots are less colliding. The classic intersection of double-lane roads in the shape of a node has about 26 collision points. Meanwhile diamond diamonds are “just” 14 collision locations. There are also less cycles of light on the diamond node.
But for such nodes, you need to take care of road signs and painted strips, as it is easy to confuse the road and drive up the street.
The first such crossroads, test, was created in 2009 in the United States. After years of tests and analyzes successive ones began to appear: today there are about 90 of them.
If proposed by the designers of Europrojekt Gdansk, the solution will be introduced in the blacksmith, it will be the first such crossroads in Poland.

An example of a diamond knot in the United States

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