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Transaction parameters – Sales on real terms negotiable:

Transaction Type : Sale ( Other suggestions )
Total area plots: 18 323 m2
Building surface according to MPZP: 4 400m2
Building surface according to STUDIUM: 6 600m2
Changeable area MPZP: 13 723m2
Geodetic division : to be det
Buildings and structures : undeveloped land

Basic building conditions :

Maximum building height 9 m from the ground + basement
Media adjacent to the plot:
1.sanitary sewerage,
2.water mains, including hydrants,
3.ground power cables supplying home power boxes,
4.gas with gas boxes at the plot boundaries,
5. fiber optic cables.
PZP plan adopted in 2010
Current building type: Twin houses, Residences + services
The minimum area of one plot : 900 – 1 200 m2,
Date of purchase: 2000
Ownership: Company – one owner

Current concept based on the PZT in accordance with the Local Development Plan:

The construction of a “Luxury Housing Estate of Apartment Facilities” is planned,
A total of (45-50) Apartments with views of three sides of the sea

Cooperation and brokering options

We will consider serious cooperation offers (partnerships – shares, etc.) in the planning, design, construction or implementation of the entire turnkey investment, including sales and profit sharing.
We are ready to cooperate with renowned global or domestic real estate agents.


MewaLocation of the area from the North

Lokalizacja działki-Rewa

MewaLocation of the area from the South

Lokalizacja działki-Rewa

MewaLocation of the area from the South-West side

Lokalizacja działki-Rewa

MewaA panorama of the land, a view of the Sea, and the Hel Peninsula

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MewaGoogle Map >> ONLINE << Investment site and neighborhood


REWA from the Bird’s Eye View, (in the distance, a view of the project area)


MECHELINKI from the Bird’s Eye, (in the distance, a view of the project area in REWA)


The film “Rewa beach 23-08-2019” – For those unaware of the attractions of Rewa


Distances in Poland   ( by car )   In Europe
Gdynia: 9 km Karlskrona: 248 km
Sopot: 18 km Stockholm: 735 km
Gdańsk: 35 km Oslo: 885 km
Elbląg: 98 km Kaliningrad: 198 km
Olsztyn: 196 km Vilnius: 592 km
Bydgoszcz: 180 km Moscow: 1 488 km
Toruń: 185 km Berlin: 464 km
Poznań: 356 km Hamburg: 748 km
Warsaw: 446 km Dusseldorf: 1 48 km
Wrocław: 534 km Prague: 788 km
Zielona Góra: 494 km Vienna: 935 km
Szczecin: 326 km Paris: 1 522 km
Katowice: 548 km London: 1 559 km
Kraków: 614 km Brussels: 1 232 km
Lublin: 609 km Zurich: 1 338 km
Zakopane: 712 km Rome: 1 988 km


Local attractions and facilities:


  • Perfect view on the sea, beach and Bay of Gdańsk, Hel, Jastarnia, Jastarnia, Chałupy.
  • Surrounded by amphibian and forests. Mechelińskie Meadows – a nature reserve – just behind the fence
  • The first line of buildings from the sea – this will never change.
  • Horse riding lessons in nearby stable, for advanced riders – possibility of country rides i.e. on the sea coast
  • Parasailing courses
  • Rewa is a center for windsurfing and kitesurfing and Perfect sailing conditions!
  • Sailing courses and equipment rental in Rewa
  • Cruises on the Bay of Puck with sightseeing of Rewa Mew island
  • Fishing boat cruises for anglers
  • Sea side walks through the Hel’s Peninsula miniature – Szpyrk – long stripe of land extended into the sea
  • Short distance to the Tricity and good connection with Gdynia
  • Bus services : Gdynia, Airport, Schools, Ambulatories, Shopping Centres

Build your dream and exclusive residences ! (example)


AgencyB2B.comAgency authorization:

The project is a verified and Authorized offer. We are contracted and we have powers of attorney to represent the current owners in the organization, mediation and execution of sales transactions in this project.

Contact regarding the offer:

We have and provide detailed and authorized information for this project in the form of a Teaser, where we present the detailed terms of the offer for interested parties. Partnership and brokerage options for successful mediation to be discussed with directly interested parties. We only expect and consider serious offers. We do not share information with anonymous persons.

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