Working Office Building with Tenants

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SOLD: Working Office Building with Tenants !!!

Location: GDAŃSK: CENTRUM (Wrzeszcz district) / Poland

The facility is suitable for existing activities as: OFFICES, as well as HOTEL, AKADEMIK, CONDO HOTEL, etc.

Subject of the investment offer:

PLOTS: The right of perpetual usufruct, built-up real estate with an office building located in Gdańsk, Wrzeszcz district at ul. Uphagena 27, 80-237 in Gdańsk, with a total area of 2 258 m2.
BUILDINGS: Separate ownership of the building on a plot of 1,839 m2, 10-storey office building with partial technical attic, full basement with 15,909.36 m3, built-up area 624.22 m2, total Total Area 4 215.00 m2, including Usable floor area: 3,795.40 m2.
EXTENSION: Possibility of extension by approx. 800-1 500 m2 of usable area + (-1) underground parking (area next to the building). The building was built in a concrete skeleton system, hence the possibility of replacing (glazing) the entire walls of the building in the event of modernization in order to qualify it as “A” class, which significantly increases the rental income and increases the value of the property.

Agency authorization:

We have relevant agreements and powers of attorney to represent the current owners, organization and execution of the sale transaction, and we have or will prepare all materials and information necessary to proceed and negotiate the terms of the transaction. Power of attorney to present.

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