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The Glob Property is a portal dedicated to the main activity of Glob Agency Ltd, an organization founded by professionals who have over 30 years of common experience in business consulting, international trade, investment projects, global project management, and investment trusteeship. Our headquarters is in Gdansk (Poland), but we also run an office in London for our international Investors. Commitment of our experienced staff (experts, consultants) who are always keen to deliver professional advice as well as their supportive attitude makes cooperation with us a pure pleasure. Our motto is to deliver our Clients maximum efficiency of investment and profits.
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Investments Project


Subject: Purchase – Sale on the basis of agency, part or all of organized business, land for construction, development services, buildings, B2B commercial buildings located in Poland, Europe, and other continents and countries.

We focus on Locations in City Centers, depending on the design and business sectors. We only deal with selected and authorized commercial projects Most of our offers are not published because of the confidentiality and delicate business case, which is especially desirable and distinguishes us. Our extensive portfolio of commercial projects includes: business functions, land and buildings for hotel investment, logistics centers, apartment development projects, supermarkets, in the prime locations of major cities: Europe, (London, Berlin, Hamburg, Tbilisi, Baku, etc.). Poland: (Gdańsk, Sopot, Warsaw, Cracow, Poznań, Łódź, Wroclaw, etc.) If you want to invest or want to sell your business, please contact us. We operate worldwide through our authorized partners on all continents.


You do not have time to get involved in the construction, or you lack the knowledge and experience to organize the construction process?
You can hire a substitute investor (Investment Trusteeship, or Project Manager) who will do it for you. Of course not for free …

An investment replacement agreement can be a convenient tool for investors who do not have the appropriate experience, knowledge, staff or time to actively participate in the investment process. In the investment replacement agreement, the substitute investor undertakes to act directly for the investor in order to perform legal actions and / or provide services in the scope of preparation and organization of the investment process, ensure its proper conduct and carry out the settlement of the investment. Under this agreement, the substitute investor undertakes to act reliably and should perform his duty in a manner that ensures the achievement of the goal of organizing and implementing the investment project, building the building (construction works) outfit, etc. In the event that the investor predicts the sale, or renting also the acquisition clients at the early stage of project organization. In practice, we meet two types of investment replacement contracts. The first of these is called a “Investment Trusteeship” type agreement, the second is a proxy or representative agreement

Our Investment Trusteeship services include, among others:
  • Organization and investment advisory planning, variants and financially closed concept of investment projects, etc.
  • Verification and selection of technology, assembly line and production equipment for investment and production projects,
  • Costing, technical, technological, construction and other documentation.
  • Market analysis, marketing research, network construction, suppliers and distribution systems, etc.
  • Organization of general investment execution – supervision, monitoring, etc.


  • Thanks to experience from the nineties to the present we deal with international transactions, European and world markets, both in import and export, we work on international ICC principles, both in terms of information exchange, contract terms, Incoterms, financial procedures, quality of goods, etc.
  • We have experience in the organization of purchase & sales, financial logistics, exchange of goods in mass and international trade (negotiations, contracts, contract securing, individual financial systems, financing, refinancing, insurance, agency services, etc.), including preparation, verification and authorization products, documentation, technology for investments in production and commercial projects, searching and verification of potential partners and conditions for launching projects, specific rules for cooperation in the implementation of intended business effects in planned projects. etc.
  • We work with mass deliveries and recipients for the industry, including raw materials, steel products, agricultural crops, both for food processing and distribution of food on its own account or on behalf of export and distribution of bulk goods in the EU and CIS countries, North Africa and others, including the acquisition or sale of raw materials and food products in the mass market. etc.


The Authorization of the Offer, Project or Product that is the subject of the transaction consists of many elements that can be bought in two areas:

  • Authorization of the Bidder: Confirm who you are ? … Let everyone will see your credibility ! (Company, Owners, Board, Manager) This part confirms the authenticity of the data, credibility, reliability and reliability of the company, and the desire to win a Partner on the Global market, preparation for customer service and international proposals, etc.
  • Authorization of the Global Offer and Projects: Show your offer ! … Let everyone see Your Business !(Offer, Design or Product) The purpose of this part is to read and verify the content and presentation of the global offer of the company, verification of products for the global offer, conditions of pickup / delivery, completion of the information provided taking into account the standards of offers in international trade, and designation the target of potential partners, suppliers / recipients on the global market.
  • Authorized Global Business: Use the tools ! … Show everyone your projects, products and offers ! Finalization of the procedure, to receive a certificate providing emblems and banners to promote your globally business, projects and offers. Certificates, emblems and designations authorization, membership, robustness, reliability and trust. Received emblems are intended for publication: global portals,,,, and in any targeted location on the Internet, printed marketing materials (letterheads, flyers, brochures, advertisements, catalogs, stickers, packaging …), television, newspapers, and other selected your electronic media format emblem is in the form of an editable script for pasting, clicking published online character will automatically redirect you to report about your company.

Presented offers, information contained in offers are prepared, verified and authorized by the portal team and we bear full responsibility for the content of the material presented. We represent the donor offer in all activities, preparation of tender materials for a multi-variant concept, distribution and presentation of offers, negotiations, contracts, financial operations and other activities aimed at finalizing the transaction. We act on behalf of the client on his behalf and on his behalf within the scope of the established power of attorney, the basis of the action is signed on the basis of agency and exclusive rights, the only measure is the effect of the action taken.


If you think that outsourcing and Financial Trusteeship service can be a way to reduce costs for your company, focus on what you do best and get the help of specialized experts dealing with non-core functions, you’re right !!!

Do financial tasks related to a specific project, such as financial logistics, transaction processing, budgeting and project cash flow management, divert your attention from making decisions in your core business or strategic planning ? If so, you’re in the right place !. Thanks to the outsourcing of financial and accounting services (financial Managment) for selected investment projects, you will save enough time to concentrate on important strategic work and company development, instead of trying and devoting time to financial optimization of projects. Thanks to benefits such as ease of access to qualified financiers, access and assured safety and low labor costs, We are an ideal place for outsourcing of daily financial services, such as project and tax optimization, projects finance management, Commitments towards suppliers / Receivables, invoicing, bookkeeping or processing of expenditure reports. Thanks to the financial outsourcing, and Financial Trusteeship service streamlined and focused on the Glob Agency, your company can quickly and easily climb the ladder of success.

Our services in the field of Outsourcing and Financial Trusteeship are among others

Permanent economic, legal and financial consultancy, individual financial engineering of undertakings. Planning, concepts, projects, organizational and financial analysis of investment projects. Financing of projects, including targeted funds and preferential loans, restructuring, capital logistics, structural and systemic organization of business ventures. Project financing documentation. Development of closed organizational concepts of investment projects, Financial logistics, financing of projects, Financial proposals, business plans, valuations, energy audits, other planned balances, income statements, financial flows, business plans. Structural financial logistics of business ventures. Complete several variants of financial investment concepts and projects. Compilation and presentation of technical and financial documentation of projects.


Assembling, taking over – reorganization of commercial law companies System organization of management in companies, Employee package – responsibilities, duties, regulations, managerial contracts, accounting system, archiving and circulation of source and electronic documents in the company, Planning and organization of financial logistics in investment projects and business activities Management of projects, investments, real estate, movables on behalf of and for the benefit of the client Comprehensive organization of electronic information in the company, design and installation of computer networks, data bases, management system, accounting, records, sales, marketing, distribution, public relations, etc. Agency and representative services, permanent and commissioned, organization of the network, purchase – sale in mass turnover, Organization of distribution in the Region, Poland, EU, CIS and other continents, individual product distribution systems, etc. Organization and representation on exclusive rights, agency and ousourcing agreements. Establishment, takeover – reorganization of commercial law companies System organization of management in companies. Staff package – scope of responsibility, duties, regulations, managerial contracts, registry system, archiving and circulation of source and electronic documents in the company, Planning and system organization of financial logistics in investment projects and business activities Project, investment, real estate and property management on behalf of and for the client Comprehensive services organization of electronic information in the company, design and installation of computer networks, data bases, management system, accounting, records, sales, marketing, distribution, public relations, etc.

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