“Yangtorp Asia Spa Hotel Resort” in Sweden – Center Of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Yoga Meditation Center

(Yoga Meditation Center, SPA, Hotel, Restaurant and property with forest, located on more than 14 hectares of land)

Yoga Meditation Center

Property Description “Yangtorp Asia Spa Hotel Resort”

The area where Yangtorp is located is a truly magical place in the Swedish forest. Surrounded by old trees and rocks from the ice age, it is completely unique and no similar place in Europe can be found. The house is designed 100% according to Feng Shui and therefore it holds this very special energy. All of the parts in the house have been hand selected and sourced from various parts of Asia.

When you enter the property, it is as if you are entering a different world, with different rules and you will find yourself somehow in another time. When you enter the majestic gates of Yangtorp, you will automatically leave all the stress and worry behind.

The property has been located on purpose in this area as underneath the ground, various meridians flow in a unique harmonious way. Due to the unique constellation of energies according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), it is been said that the property holds unique healing qualities.

The property is located away from noise and industry. At the same time, it is close to Lund as well to airports, train stations and highways.
The hotel is best suitable for a theme hotel such as an Asia Spa hotel as well as for places that offer Yoga, Pilates or other trendy recovery themes. It could be also suitable for a beauty clinic or similar.

A well-known Chinese Master of Yoga and Chinese Medicine – Leader of the Yoga Meditation Center

Yoga Master

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